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Chapter 2: Transmissions: TH-200-C

The 200C automatic transmission is a fully automatic unit consisting primarily of a 3-element hydraulic torque converter with the addition of a converter clutch and a compound planetary gear set. Three multiple-disc clutches, a roller clutch and a band provide friction elements required to obtain the desired function of the compound planetary gear set.

The torque converter couples the engine to the planetary gears through oil and provides hydraulic torque multiplication when required. The compound planetary gear set produces three forward gears and reverse.

The 3-element torque converter consists of a pump or driving member, a turbine or driven member, and a stator assembly. The stator is mounted on a one-way roller clutch which will allow the stator to turn clockwise but not counterclockwise.

The torque converter housing is filled with oil and is attached to the engine crankshaft by a flexplate and always rotates at engine speed. The converter pump is an integral part of the converter housing, therefore the pump blades, rotating at engine speed, set the oil within the converter into motion and direct it to the turbine, causing the turbine to rotate.

As the oil passes through the turbine it is traveling in such a direction that if it were not redirected by the stator it would hit the rear of the converter pump blades and impede its pumping action. At low turbine speeds, the oil is redirected by the stator to the converter pump in such a manner that it actually assists the converter pump to deliver power or multiply engine torque.

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