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Chapter 9: Exhaust: Walker Dual Outlet System

Article by: Jason Adcock

Walker Cat-Back Exhaust Installation

I was very impressed with the quality of this exhaust system; 2.25" (non-mandrel bent), fully aluminized. The mufflers are of a straight-through design, with one "tube" running straight through the muffler casing with small holes on the tube's wall. The "guts" of the mufflers look just like glasspacks, but the mufflers themselves are of a conventional shape, the case being about 8" across by 11" long (not including the inlet/outlet) and about 4" thick at the thickest point. The corners are not tapered like the factory mufflers are; nonetheless, these mufflers fit great.

There is a real muscle car sound to this system.  I have played around with different catalytic converter setups and found that the factory converter sounds the best with these mufflers.  I put a test pipe in place of the factory converter and the mufflers had a real crackle to them -- much like a glasspack or TurboTube on an old Camaro or Firebird.  It was loud, but there was really no tone to the sound -- it wasn't deep at all.  I also tried a new Walker direct-fit converter (which has a very small case size) and it was about half-way between the factory converter and the test pipe, both in terms of volume and tone.  I still liked the factory converter the best, so that's what I have back on it...  I have found that a converter GREATLY muffles and tones the sound of the exhaust -- something that I didn't realize before I did this "experiment".

Following are a few pictures I took...admittedly after the installation. We had snow before Christmas and the VDOT trucks spread a LOT of sand on the roads, and my garage (and Flash) looked like a, I took these pictures after I swept the garage and washed Flash. :) Please note, some of the pictures were taken in obscure lighting with a flash, and therefore needed a lot of doctoring on the computer to get them to come out halfway decent looking.

A chart with the Walker part numbers and prices from Advance Auto Parts:

 Walker Part Number  Exhaust Part Description  Advance Retail Price
 44294  Intermediate (Y) Pipe $ 49.99
 22623  Muffler $ 44.99
 22623  Muffler $ 44.99
 45221  Right-hand Tailpipe $ 19.99
 45222  Left-hand Tailpipe $ 19.99
Total  $ 179.95

Connection at the catalytic converter.  This is the only picture taken when I first put the system on -- I took it to show the type of connection at the back of the cat. This is the right side hanger I used.  The upper hanger (that's bolted to the car) is the factory piece and the rubber section/curved strap is a piece I custom-made to get the height right.  This is bolted to the flange on the Walker tailpipe -- which would be used by the 442 hanger if I had one.  The beauty of this is the pipe is VERY solid; because the rubber section is so small, it doesn't allow any movement of the pipe, and still insulates the cabin from vibration.
This is the hanger on the left side, bolted to the flange on the tailpipe.  The upper hanger is from a 442, but the universal rubber hanger that was on it didn't line up correctly with Walker's flange, so I bought my own for $0.99 from an auto parts store.  However, this piece alone is not enough to keep the pipe sturdy because the rubber section is so long. This extra hanger in the front is what really solidifies the left side.  It's a universal hanger that can be bought at any auto parts store and is bolted to the cross brace just ahead of the rear axle.  Don't tell me...I know -- I installed the muffler upside down; but now it's rust-welded to the y pipe, so it's not goin' anywhere for a while!
Flash's underbelly.  Don't these pipes look good for having been on the car for three years?  The mufflers and tailpipes are aluminized.  Don't worry -- that's not an active differential leak -- just the remnant grease of one that once was. The intermediate pipe ("y pipe") is just mild steel -- not aluminized.  The whole thing turned to surface rust about a month after I installed it, but has worked just fine for the three years it's been on.  The next time I do it, I'll HAVE the pipe coated before I install it!

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