Reference Manual

Chapter 1: Engines: Introduction

A total of four main types of engines were offered in the Olds G-body: a Buick-built 3.8L V6, three Oldsmobile V8s, a Chevrolet V8, and two Oldsmobile diesel engines, a V6 and a V8.  This chapter will cover aspects of all engines offered, and also of engines which are popular as alternatives (such as Olds 350s and Chevrolet 350s).

 Engine Details  Engine Swapping Information
  • Buick 231 -> Oldsmobile Block
  • Buick 231 -> Chevrolet Block
  • Oldsmobile Block -> Chevrolet Block
  • Chevrolet Block -> Oldsmobile Block
  • Quadrajet Secondary Rods
Table of Contents

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