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Appendix: GM RPO Matrix

GM RPOs are, for the most part, grouped in "families". Major groups are listed below, followed by a color code chart. While the following charts are in no way definitive, the option refered to by most RPO's will fall within these ranges

GM RPO's by Family

Air Conditioning and Heater C36 - C69
Axle, Front (related) FL1 - FX2 F16 - F82
Axle, Rear (related) H01 - H99 HA1 - HY9
G01 - G99 GA1 - GY9
Brakes JS0 - J99 JA1 - JY9
Bumper Components V30 - V99 VN1 - VY9
Defogger - Rear Glass C47 - C50
Electrical, Chassis U01 - U99 T60 - T99
Engine (related) K01 - K99 KA1 - KY9
L01 - L99 LA1 - LY9
Exterior Ornamentation BVZ - BY1 B51 - B99
Fuel, Exhaust and Emissions N01 - N29 NA1 - NN9
Glass A01 - A33 AA1 - AA9
Interior Ornamentation BB8 - BV9 B18 - B48
Lamps C71 - C97
Locks AU3 - AU6
Mirrors, Body DD4 - DK5 D28 - D78
Mouldings and Exterior Emblems B71 - B94
Radiator and Grille V01 - V29 VA1 - VM9
Radio (related) UK1 - UY8 U56 - U96
Roof, ornamentation and trim CA1 - CC3 C01 - C10
Seats, Seat Adjusters A34 - A81 AE5 - AV7
Springs 6AA - 6ZZ 7AA - 7ZZ
8AA - 8ZZ 9AA - 9ZZ
Steering (related) N30 - N59 NN1 - NY9
Stripes, Body Decor DX1 - DY6 D84 - D99
Suspension F40 - F99 FN1 - FY9
Transmission M01 - M99 MA1 - MY9
Wheel and Tire N60 - N99 P01 -P99
PA1 - PH9 PW1 - PY9
Q01 - Q99 QA1 - QY9
Wiper and Washer CD2 - CE4 C18 - C25

GM RPO color codes, for both interior and exterior colors are identifible by 2 numbers followed by a letter or numeral. The following chart is a matrix of GM RPO color codes.

GM Color Code Matrix

00A - 99A Accent Stripe Color
00F - 99F Floor Covering
00I - 99I Interior Color
00K - 99K Auxiliary Top Color
00L - 99L Lower Body Color
00M - 99M Mid Body Color
00P - 99P Wheels
00Q - 99Q Body Side Moldings
00S - 99S Sun Roof Colors
00T - 99T Vinyl Top Colors
00U - 99U Upper Body Color
00X - 99X Interior Accent Color
009 - 999 Seat Belt Color
00B - 99B Fisher Body Design Level (Cloth)
00C - 99C Fisher Body Design Level (Cloth)
00D - 99D Fisher Body Design Level (Cloth)
00E - 99E Fisher Body Design Level (Cloth)
00G - 99G Fisher Body Design Level (Cloth)
002 - 992 Fisher Body Design Level (Leather)
003 - 993 Fisher Body Design Level (Leather)
004 - 994 Fisher Body Design Level (Leather)
00N - 99N Fisher Body Design Level (Vinyl)
00R - 99R Fisher Body Design Level (Vinyl)

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