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Chapter 7: Interior: Cluster Surround Removal

At some point virtually everyone has seen the 4 screws along the bottom of the cluster surround and probably assumed that only those 4 screws had to removed in order to remove the surround. Well, it's not quite that simple. There are 3 more screws hidden behind the trim panels to either side of the instrument cluster.

Tools required:

Time required:

Once you learn how to get the trim panels out, this will be an easy 10-15 minute task.

The Procedure:

driver side panel
center panel
Above, the center trim panel
Left, the driver side panel.

The trim panels are held in place by spring clips and will require a healthy pull to remove. Take care you don't break a vent in process though.

driver side panel clips
driver side screw

Now the top of the surround should be loose.

driver side screws center screws
surround removed

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