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Chapter 7: Interior: Child Seat Top Strap Mounting

If a child seat is to be used in a rear seat position, a special dealer-installed anchor must be used to anchor the top strap. In order to insure the correct top strap angle, the child seat is only to be used at the seating position for which the top strap anchor is installed. The following instructions explain how to install the anchor for the child seat top strap.

All hardware discussed should be supplied or available from the child seat manufacturer. Be sure the child seat location does not conflict with any additional requirements provided by the manufacturer.

Child Seat Locations
Seat Locations

Mounting Hole Locations
Plan View - Rear Seat Filler Panel

Anchor Bolt Mounting
Anchor Bolt Detail
1.   Bolt (5/16" X 1-1/4")
2.   Anchor Bracket
3.   Filler Panel
4.   Washer
5.   Locknut

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