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Chapter 10: Emissions Equipment: Engine Control Module pinout

86 - 88 5.0L(307) ECM pinout

Blue Connector Translucent Connector
Terminal Function Terminal Function

1 Barometric Sensor A Ground (to engine)
2 TPS Sensor B Air Switching Solenoid
3 Coolant Temp. Sensor signal C Ignition power
4 Air Control Solenoid D Not Used
5 Diagnostic Test Terminal E Idle Load Control
6 Rear Vacuum Break F Not Used
7 Coolant Temp Sensor return G "Service Engine Soon" Lamp
8 Not Used H Park/Neutral Switch
9 O2 Sensor, High J A/C "requested"
10 Distributer Ref. Pulse, High K Not Used
11 Ignition Module By-Pass L Not Used
12 Electronic Spark Timing M Not Used
13 Distributer Ref. Pulse, Gnd. N High Gear Switch
14 O2 Sensor, Gnd. P TCC Solenoid
15 A/C Pressure Switch Sensor R Constant +12
16 VSS Signal S Not Used
17 Not Used T EGR Solenoid
18 MC Solenoid U Ground (to Engine)
19 A/C Cut-out Relay
20 Vacuum Sensor
21 +5V Reference
22 Sensor Return

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