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Chapter 10: Emissions Equipment: Engine Control Module: V8 Component Locations

V8 Component Locations

Component Locations - 5.0L V8

Computer Harness:
C1     Electronic Control Module
C2     ALDL diagnostic connector
C3     "Service Engine Soon" light
C5     ECM harness ground
C6     Fuse panel
C7     "C.E./S.E.S." lamp driver
C10   M/C dwell connector
Not ECM Connected:
N1     Crankcase vent valve (PCV)
N2     EFE valve (EFE)
N16   Fuel vapor canister valve (TVS)
N17   Fuel vapor canister
N18   Anti-dieseling solenoid (VIN Y only)
N20   Anti-dieseling vac. tank (VIN 9 only)
N21   Idle Speed Solenoid (ISS, VIN 9 only)
Controlled Devices:
1      Mixture control solenoid (MCS)
2      Idle Load Compensator (ILC, VIN Y only)
5      Trans. Conv. Clutch connector
6      Electronic Spark Timing (EST) connector
9      Air injection divert valve
10     Air injection switching valve
12     Exh. Gas Recirc. vacuum solenoid
13     A/C compressor relay
19     Rear vacuum break solenoid
19a   Rear vacuum break
20     ILC Solenoid
Information Sensors:
A   Manifold Absolute Pressure
B   Exhaust oxygen (O2)
C   Throttle position (TPS)
D   Coolant temperature
E   Barometric pressure
F   Vehicle speed (VSS)
J   Detonation (ESC, B-body)
Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve

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