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Chapter 5: Electrical: 140-amp Alternator upgrade

Article by: Jon Hennecke

Lets face it, the stock alternator is pretty weak on our G-bodies if we are using aftermarket stereos, electric cooling fans or any other power hungry accessories. I swapped in a 140-amp alternator from a 1994 Pontiac Transport (3.8L w/rear a/c)1. It went pretty easily. I just had to make a trip to the GM parts dealer to pick up a special harness. It allows you to plug in the stock alternator plug in the harness then into the newer alternator (part number # 12083462) It's a self-explanatory install:

comparison 1

comparison 2


1Additional alternator info: GM part number 10463338, AC-Delco part number 321-594. Used for the applications below. -Ed.

NOTE: This swap may require swapping a serpentine pulley on the sourced alternator with your original pulley!

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