Reference Manual

Chapter 8: Body: AL part weights

Compiled by: Dorian Yeager

Part Steel Aluminum

Front Bumper Reinforcement 25 lbs. 8 lbs.
Rear Bumper Reinforcement 35 lbs. 11 lbs.
Rear Brake Drum 12 lbs. 9.5 lbs.
Hood 53 lbs. 22.5 lbs.
Radiator Support 24 lbs. 12 lbs.
Intake Manifold 58 lbs. 17 lbs.

Total 161 lbs. 72.5 lbs.

Using all of the above aluminum parts would save a total of 88.5 lbs, or 59.5 lbs/24 lbs frt/rear respectively. An additional 5 lbs could be saved by using an AL radiator, 14 lbs (Modine #951) vs. 19 lbs for the stock copper/brass radiator.

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